Rackspace Introduces New Lineup of Bare Metal Servers

Image Attribution: Flagshipsg.com

Rackspace has emerged as one of the top managed cloud service providers in the world. As a result, organizations have embraced Rackspace’s managed approach, even if Rackspace is simply managing their infrastructure and nothing else.
For businesses that host applications that they do not want running within a hypervisor, Rackspace offers bare metal servers called OnMetal which gives customers greater flexibility. Rackspace has just announced that it has revamped its bare metal servers while offering native support for popular cloud platforms such as OpenStack. Rackspace is aptly naming this new service, OnMetal v2.
Rackspace’s OnMetal v2 servers are provisioned just like a virtual server. In just minutes, organizations can point, click and deploy bare metal server infrastructure. Rackspace says that the new bare metal lineup provides significantly more processing power than the previous version of this product and the new services can be deployed in both the USA and UK.
In a press release, Rackspace says that the political website Brigade recently switched from virtual servers to OnMetal Servers. The result? OnMetal significantly increased the database query times by up to 36.5x, shortening the queries from 7.3 seconds to .02 seconds.
“With the fastest deployment times in the industry and unmatched performance, OnMetal is the leading bare metal offering and the largest public deployment of OpenStack Ironic in the world,” said Paul Voccio, VP of software development at Rackspace.
“With the combination of new features and performance capabilities in the next generation of OnMetal, it can be a solution for many customers seeking OpenStack as the platform to run their most demanding workloads,” adds Voccio.
Rackspace’s press release also notes that bare metal servers are being configured with Intel Xeon E5-2600 v3 processors.
In addition, Rackspace says that Windows Server will be available on bare metal later on this year. Other features such as private networking, increased international availability and improved storage capabilities come standard with the announcement of Rackspace’s OnMetal Cloud v2.