Rackspace Hosting Offers Hybrid Cloud Package

Rackspace Hosting has announced the unveiling of its first hybrid cloud service in Hong Kong, which uses OpenStack, Rackspace’s open source cloud platform. Rackspace has recently shown an interest in dominating the hybrid cloud market, where they believe the potential lies. While private cloud is where companies generally start and public cloud is where they initially transfer to because of certain applications, it is the hybrid cloud that is usually the final destination for these businesses. In an interview with eWeek several weeks ago, Rackspace CTO John Engates indicated, “Look, nobody’s going to be 100 percent private, or 100 percent public. That really leads you to the end state of some sort of a hybrid cloud.”

The hybrid cloud offered by Rackspace completes the integration of all three cloud services – private, public and hybrid. By presenting clients the ability for cloud service customization in the Asia Pacific region, it opens up a plethora of options depending on the client’s needs.
Ajit Melarkode, Rackspace managing director for the Asia Pacific region, said, “We are excited to launch the region’s first hybrid cloud powered by OpenStack. OpenStack already gives thousands of our customers access to the power of open standards and enables them to enjoy freedom from vendor lock-in as they open new gateways to faster innovation through cloud computing.”
Naturally though, these large expansion and investment efforts come at a cost to Rackspace. Gaining market share from industry leaders such as Amazon Web Services means more space in their data centers which ultimately leads to taking on more employees. However, Rackspace specifically sees Hong Kong as a focal station for the regions cloud users.
Melarkode further noted, “Hong Kong was the obvious choice for the regional base of our Hybrid Cloud offering. Businesses here are among the Asia-Pacific leaders in cloud adoption and constantly come to us for ways to build on their achievements. Now, with our Hybrid Cloud solutions and services tailored to their individual business needs and backed by Fanatical Support, firms from both Hong Kong and across the region will be set for future success.”