Radware Inks $1.5M Contract to Deliver Cyber Attack Mitigation in the Cloud

Radware has announced a $1.5M deal with a major hosting provider to deliver cyber attack mitigation services in the cloud.
In Radware’s press release on the deal, Radware declines to mention which hosting company that they have signed with. Radware describes the company as being a global cloud hosting company that has a presence in the disaster recovery and business continuity sector.
Cyber attacks come in all different shapes or sizes. With Radware, your organization can deflect cyber attacks by using Radware’s cloud services. Radware works by analyzing all of the packets coming into your network.
Radware implements packet analysis that can determine which packets are legit and which are not. Since Radware has the highest packet inspection rate in the industry, end user experience shouldn’t become impacted. Radware claims to be able to inspect 230 million packets per second, which provides over 1Tbps of cloud based protection.
Radware specifically protects your servers from:

  • DDoS Attacks
  • Attacks behind Content Distribution Networks
  • Low & Slow Attacks
  • SSL Flood Attacks
  • And more!

“Radware believes in the principle of detecting attacks where ever you can and mitigating them where you should,” says David Anderson, the Corporate VP of North America for Radware.
“Our Attack Mitigation Solution can distribute detection across existing and future networks and intelligently direct the right resources for mitigation based on the nature of the attack,” Anderson adds.
There’s no doubt that cyber attacks are on the rise. While Radware will likely name the global cloud hosting company that is signed a deal with in due time, implementing a suite such as Radware would be a great way to insure the integrity of your web facing assets.
By protecting your cloud workloads from cyber attacks, your organization can focus on its core objectives such as making sales and expanding your operations.