Rakuten and Netcracker Extend Partnership at TM Forum’s Digital Transformation World

Netcracker Technology just revealed its further collaboration with Rakuten Mobile, Inc. by showing forth their partnership, with a keynote presentation and workshop at TM Forum’s Digital Transformation World 2019, holding from May 14-16 in Nice, France. The collaboration will be focused the unique approach of Rakuten Mobile, to digital business transformation and its best practices to guarantee success.

Tareq Amin, CTO of Rakuten Mobile and Andrew Feinberg, President and CEO of Netcracker, will keynote the event, examining Rakuten Mobile’s business transformation. The presentation they will give will highlight the ways in which Rakuten is evolving beyond its roots as a fintech, e-commerce, and digital content provider into a disruptive mobile network operator, and the unique approaches adopted via this collaboration.

“Rakuten is a pioneer of e-commerce in Japan and now we are bringing that same commitment to disruptive innovation to our launch as a mobile operator. The technology and expertise of our world-class partners such as Netcracker play an integral role in our new network and we are excited to showcase our unique partnership with them,” said Tareq Amin.

Working hand in hands with TM Forum, Rakuten and Netcracker Mobile will spotlight how Rakuten is leveraging Netcracker’s Digital BSS to extend its brand loyalty program and make customer experience much better. It will highlight Netcracker’s essential role in enabling and supporting the initiative as well as how innovative, forward-looking, next-generation service providers will continue to disrupt the market forever.

The comprehensive portfolio of software solutions and professional services delivered by the Netcracker Technology enables large-scale digital transformations and unlocks the opportunities of the virtualization, cloud, and the changing mobile ecosystem. Having an unbroken service delivery track record of more than 20 years, their special combination of technology, people and expertise assists companies in transforming their networks and enables better experiences for their customers.