Red Hat Introduces New Version of OpenStack

As an organization’s cloud computing needs continue to mature, vendors will fiercely compete for this top-tier business by providing an all-encompassing autonomous solution. That’s the aim of the new release of OpenStack by Red Hat. Organizations that run Red Hat OpenStack will be able to have more control over their virtualized environments using the new suite of tools alongside of OpenStack.

“The journey to the open private cloud has got multiple stages. We’ve got offerings to help you along every single step of the way and today we’ve refreshed all these offerings so you can take these capabilities into your environment and get to an open private cloud sooner rather than later.” says Red Hat General Manager of Virtualization Radesh Balakrishnan.
Balakrishnan did not hold back his excitement as he commented on Red Hat’s new offerings. In a statement, Balakrishnan wrote “Red Hat is excited about the updated offerings to meet the datacenter virtualization and elastic cloud needs of customers structuring their journey to an open hybrid cloud. These offerings are engineered to help build a more productive and efficient open private cloud and provide a more reliable infrastructure for IT and cloud operators. Now backed by the world’s largest OpenStack partner ecosystem, Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure helps IT to bridge datacenter infrastructure silos and more effectively meet user needs.”
It’s evident that Red Hat wants to be the only brand name behind your corporate private cloud. By providing a solution that bridges different facets of virtualization and the cloud, Red Hat becomes an attractive option to those wanting to only use one vendor for everything in the on premises datacenter. Although Red Hat is firmly focused on Linux, it is apparent that the Red Hat private and hybrid cloud infrastructures will become a highly utilized software stack for companies around the world. Since Red Hat has recently aligned itself with vendors such as Dell and HP, the company is expected to continue to see rapid growth in the corporate sector.