Relayr’s WunderBar Wins €30K for IoT Innovation

Image Attribution: Flickr

CODE_n is a startup competition that picks 50 finalists and allows them to attend and present at the popular European tech tradeshow CeBIT. Relayr’s Wunderbar has been distinguished as the winner of CODE_n for 2015. Sources report that the Berlin based startup has pocketed 30,000 euro for their contributions to the IoT industry.
What is Relayr’s WunderBar?
The WunderBar is a device that possess sensors that sends data back to the cloud. The idea behind Relayr’s WunderBar is that developers can use the product to begin building their own sensor-based products. The WunderBar includes the following sensors:
A Sound Censor
An Infrared Transmitter
Light, Color and Proximity Sensor
Temperature Sensor
Humidity Sensor
Relayr mentions that the all of the sensors come pre-mounted onto a circuit board. The battery is attached to the back of the circuit board and the device uses Bluetooth to collect data and Wi-Fi to offload the data in the cloud. Relayr also says that smartphones can be used to gather data from the WunderBar device.
“So the idea is that if you’re a business or an individual who wants to start looking at the Internet of Things, you can snap off one of the sensors, put a coin cell battery on the top and then immediately start collecting data from our cloud,” says Will Andrews, manager at Relayr.
WunderBar also features the capability of working with other types of sensors or even a Raspberry Pi mini computer using the built in bridge module. Relayr mentions that WunderBar has software development kits for the Android and iOS devices. WunderBar also supports HTML5, Node.js, Python and C#. Ruby is expected to be supported in the future.
Relayr’s Wunderbar will retail in the $199 USD range. Individual sensors can be purchased for $20-$30 each. Both the WunderBar and the additional sensors you can buy for the device are expected to go on sale very soon.