Report Shows Increased Demand in E-Learning Platforms

A new report shows the importance of emerging technology skills in the IT training industry. Digital learning is becoming the preferred method of training for many major international corporations, allowing IT professionals to learn new skills quickly and efficiently. It also creates consistency in training methods regardless of where you are in the business, creating seamless transitions from role to role and business group to business group.

Not only do e-learning platforms create consistency in training content and delivery, but these platforms have significantly reduced costs for businesses when it comes to in-depth IT training modules. The report released by ResearchAndMarkets is projecting the growth of e-learning platforms and developments to be significant in the next few years.

As businesses develop and adapt advanced technology, such as artificial intelligence, IT professionals will need to adapt to and learn new skills in the marketplace. These digital learning platforms make it easier for IT professionals to learn new skills in an interactive environment. Professionals that already have these skills are in high demand.

While these learning platforms are ideal for developed areas of the world, countries that are still developing may not have the advantage of stable infrastructures and skilled trainers to implement digital training platforms. The cost to implement these platforms, the required existing infrastructures, as well as the knowledge required to make these platforms a success are hindering developing countries from making the jump to digital learning platforms.

The recent rise in popularity of digital learning platforms has created the potential for significant growth for companies that specialize in IT training services. Paired with IT professionals that are skilled in emerging technologies, a digital learning platform can transform markets and industries.