Reputation House Launches A New Service Application Tool

The new digital product by Reputation House is being developed as an application for mobile devices. The advanced software employed within the architecture of the application allows users to analyze the tonality of online references made to a specific brand and derive results on public perception.

The newly launched application is known as ION. ION is specifically designed for corporate clients as it offers them all the tools necessary for evaluating brand reputation levels. The results of extensive public opinion analysis allow users to effectively take action in crisis situations and manage negative opinions. Image threatening situations can be promptly identified and levied using the application before they can spread online and damage brand reputations.

The application includes a host of advanced features, such as a range of information filters, which sort online data flows on selected brands by source, language, date and other parameters. ION offers a convenient and user-friendly dashboard with extensive instrument panels for allowing users to customize alerts to desired events by specifying various keywords that the application’s analysis system will search for online. The application is already available in App Store and Google Store

The launch of the new application by Reputation House is an important step for expansion into more reputation management market niches. The company has recently opened a representative office in Hong Kong and is actively engaged in attracting new clients with its extensive range of products.