Retailers to use Cloud and IoT to Engage In-Store Customers

Image Attribution: Flickr

Using the cloud to deliver receipts directly to your mobile device after you make a retail purchase could become a popular trend in the future.
ProxToMe and Star Cloud Services have teamed up to deliver that vision and they’ve done it without requiring retailers to buy additional hardware. So think about it, when you complete a purchase at a retailer, they typically print out a receipt for your purchase. In over 6 million retail locations, Star Micronics printers are in use. These Bluetooth capable printers have been integrated into the ProxToMe IoT ecosystem to provide proximity technology that can be used to engage a customers experience.
The app that facilitates the Bluetooth connection to the printers thus allowing the consumer to get the receipt at the end of the transaction simply needs to have the “AllReceipts” app loaded on their mobile device.
ProxToMe and Star Cloud Services have combined IoT and cloud to help improve a customer’s overall experience. Another added benefit of the technology is that retailers can help the environment by helping their business use less paper.
Using proximity technology, retailers can engage customers while they are currently in the store. Retailers can ask for feedback, send out promotional offers and even issue coupons for customers as soon as they walk in the door.
“Cloud connecting receipt printers through the ProxToMe Platform will unleash unprecedented opportunities to bridge the physical and digital retail worlds. AllReceipts is just the beginning,” mentions Carlo Capello, CEO of ProxToMe. “Applying IoT capabilities to this fundamental retail issue is a win for retailers and shoppers alike,” Capello added.
The biggest draw for retailers is the fact that they may already have a Star Micronics printer therefore no additional hardware would need to be purchased. For businesses who are looking to upgrade their printers, the Star Micronics line has instantly set itself apart from other printers due to its connectivity to ProxToMe. You can learn more about this technology at