RezStream Lets Hospitality Take Reservations in the Cloud

Image Attribution: Flickr

RezStream is a SaaS solution that allows small businesses in the hospitality industry to begin taking reservations for their services in the cloud. Taking reservations in the cloud can be advantageous for many of these types of businesses as the cloud streamlines the process of customer acquisition.
Let’s say you are a bed and breakfast owner and you’re beginning to take reservations for upcoming event. Rather than field phone calls all day, simply use the cloud to take reservations and when you’re booked, you can alert visitors on your website of the no vacancy status.
It’s a simple approach to an age old tradition. While cloud solutions for the hospitality industry do exist, these solutions are often custom tailored to a specific organization. With RezStream, businesses can gain access to features and functionalities such as:
* The ability to automatically send emails to your clients
* A database of past guests hosted in the cloud
* Online booking engine allows users to book a room online
* Rate management allows you the ability to set rates on conditions
* Reporting module gives you an in-depth review of your business
* Data security is baked in natively
RezStream also says that future releases of its SaaS booking suite will have 3rd party APIs, which will allow organizations the ability to beam data into the RezStream apps from different products and services that you may already be utilizing within your business.
“Using years of hoteliers’ feedback gave us deeper insight into features and functions that really matter to property owners and building the software around those needs is what sets RezStream Cloud apart from other web-based reservation systems. We know what our clients need to run their business and made that the priority of our software,” says Josh Wise, VP of Business Development at RezStream.
“Our next step is to create integration points for third party applications and software that our clients deem necessary to be successful,” added Wise.