RingCentral & BT Partner to Sell Cloud Phones

Image Attribution: Flickr

BT is a leading telecommunications provider in the UK. BT has announced that it has selected RingCentral as its cloud telephony provider for small businesses. Those who sign up for the BT Cloud Phone will receive many of the same features that RingCentral customers get today. Some of these features include a phone line, a fax line, voicemail, HD live conferencing and web meetings.
According to press releases, it seems as if BT will be a reseller of RingCentral’s services. Reports indicate that RingCentral will allow BT to white label its offering for marketing purposes. BT’s website says it gives users the option of using a VoIP phone alongside a white labeled app that can used to place calls using the data connection on your phone. This allows end users to take their phone calls regardless if they are at the office or on the go.
Vlad Shmunis, founder and CEO of RingCentral, was quoted as saying, “We provided BT a turn-key solution that required very little upfront development and integration. This enables them to address the growing demand for communications in the cloud among business customers.” Shmunis adds, “It’s a privilege to help BT go to market with the BT Cloud Phone and we look forward to delivering exceptional products, support and service to BT and its customers.”
With BT & RingCentral, customers will now be able to do more for less. One of the most compelling cases for cloud phones is the cost. While traditional providers have certainly dropped their prices exponentially over the last decade, cloud based telephony solutions provide features and flexibility at a cost that traditional providers can’t complete with.
“As businesses look to technology to help them increase their productivity, enhance flexibility, and control costs, we are seeing IP and cloud based communications really take off. We are pleased to be working with RingCentral on BT Cloud Phone,” said Graham Sutherland, CEO of BT Business.