RingCentral Signs New Agreement With Fujitsu

With a commitment to providing services that are highly innovative and productive for clients, Fujitsu enhances its strategy by entering into the agreement with RingCentral. Results gotten from this ought to increase the amount of tools that aids productivity and also create a more enhanced platform for unified communications as a service (UCaaS). As such, there is a corresponding effect on organizations in changing the outlook of their workplace and also increase in the level of engagement of employees.

This new agreement is limited to specific regional areas such as the United Kingdom, Spain, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Netherlands, Ireland, Austria, Belgium, France, Denmark, Luxembourg, And Switzerland.

The vision for this agreement by Annette Mclnnes, the head of employee experience at Fujitsu can be attributed to the dynamic change that the use of the cloud network has brought to the workplace as a whole, changing the attitudes of employees. This change has made more employees more autonomous and entrepreneurial in their services, taking pressure away from the previous standard fixed working hours. Creating an innovative and attractive mode to keep them focused on their experience and to also boost their expectation therefore remains the best alternative to making businesses work, hence the agreement.

The Vice President of Strategic Partnership at RingCentral, Marty Piombo also said that focusing on the benefits to be gained from this agreement is imperative. As such it is considered a great honor to work with the Fujitsu team. The sole aim of this agreement according to Marty is to ensure full service value from employee productivity to customer’s engagement.

RingCentral is one of the world first provider of global enterprise cloud communication and collaboration solutions, it has a focus on delivering flexible and cost-effective services to its clients. Likewise, Fujitsu is an information technology focused company that helps business to solve their everyday challenges using modern digital technological advancement methods.