Roku Fully Acquires Dataxu

Roku is a known pioneer company in the field of TV streaming worldwide that has its headquarters located in Los Gatos, California in the United States of America. The company provides its users with the kind of streaming contents that brings them maximum satisfaction, thereby providing content publishers with a means to build and monetize from large audiences while also ensuring that their contents are filled with capacities that are unique enough to keep consumers engaged for a long time.

Roku and the Roku logo are registered trademarks and Roku TV is a trademark of Roku, Inc. in the U.S. and in other countries. With  Roku, there are different worldwide available products, such as the Roku TV models and also Roku streaming players, through direct retail sales and also effective licencing agreements with TV OEMs and service operators.

With Roku’s recent announcement of acquiring Dataxu, the organisation will improve its service delivery with its new access to new products such as a DSP, device graph technology, and analytics platform. By this, Roku’s ad tech roadmap is accelerated and its ability to serve a wide array of advertisers is also fully enhanced.

“This acquisition reinforces our already strong position in the OTT ad space,” said Scott Rosenberg Roku’s senior vice president, Platform Business. “Acquiring dataxu is a natural progression of our ad tech strategy to offer more buy-side tools and to provide the industry’s best holistic TV plus OTT planning and buying solution that delivers better results for TV buyers.”

Dataxu is an organization known for its demand-side platform (DSP) which enables marketers to plan and buy videoad campaigns effectively.