SAA 2019 To Host Lucidea’s Archival Collection Management Solutions

The Society of American Archivists (SAA) has confirmed the participation of Lucidea at its annual conference which is set to hold on August 4th and 5th. Lucidea, a Canada based company, is a web-based knowledge management software and solutions company that focuses on providing its clients with archiving services such as ArchivEra, CuadraSTAR SKCA and Eloquent Archives. The company is known as the biggest source of knowledge management solutions to other organizations like law firms, government agencies and museums worldwide.

Having an estimated client base of about 2,300 in over 50 countries, the company is known to have other acquisitions, with its most recent acquisition being Maxus Australia. The company aids their clients to create and manage their archival orders their own way.

Attendees of the SAA 2019 conference will have the privilege of being among the first set of individuals to view the most recent management solution created by the company; a new Artificial Intelligence Prototype for Archiving.

Working closely with IBM Watson, Lucidea helps archivists to increase their archiving prowess by integrating Artificial Intelligence capacities on their ArchivEra platform. Clients stand to enjoy an increased level of functionality with facilitated access to their valued archived collection.

This AI prototype has been configured to classify images or data by implementing meaningful terms to archivists. After submission of this data, IBM then undergoes the task of regaining the keywords and also customizing the terms in your most preferred term. Asides this, implementation of the new AI prototype also opens up a list of endless possibilities for its users; such as the proper management of your backlog data to ensure smooth running of your archives.

With Lucidea presence at the SAA conference, it is hoped that more light will be shed on the AI capabilities of the traditional digital archiving ArchivEra.