Salesforce Acquires Toopher For Mobile Authentication Capabilities

Image Attribution: Flickr

Toopher is a startup company based in Texas that provides mobile authentication services. Toopher offers a two factor authentication service that is designed for mobile platforms. Salesforce has announced today that they have purchased Toopher for an undisclosed amount.
Toopher has rapidly gained the attention of big cloud providers all over the world. In fact, Toopher just announced a couple of weeks ago that the startup had secured 200k in new funding.
Toopher founders Josh Alexander and Evan Grim wrote a blog post on Toophers website saying, “Today it is with great excitement that we can unveil our ability to super-charge our superpower—because we are being acquired by Salesforce.”
Other comments found on the Toopher website go on to hint that the Toopher brand will be rolled into the existing Salesforce platform. Toophers site says, “While we will no longer sell our current products, we are thrilled to join Salesforce, where we’ll work on delivering the Toopher vision on a much larger scale as part of the world’s #1 Cloud Platform.”
Toopher’s letter to its existing customers goes on to mention that the team will continue to support existing clientele.
Salesforce is entering the multifactor mobile authentication market at the perfect time. With all of the concerns about cloud security, multifactor authentication for mobile services gives your applications another layer of protection against those trying to steal or crack your passwords. A survey by SafeNet mentions that organizations have increased their usage of multifactor authentication by 30% over the previous year.
Salesforce has taken a page from other vendors such as Microsoft and RSA by going to the acquisition route in order to add features and functionality to its existing platform. By being able to offer multifactor authentication, Salesforce apps can be delivered with additional peace of mind.