Salesforce Says it’s New HR Product Will be a Platform for Employee Success

Image Attribution: Flickr

Salesforce for HR was just released today amid fanfare from the Salesforce community. The new Salesforce for HR product promises to become a platform for your employee’s success. Salesforce for HR will use the cloud to better engage existing employees while providing HR staff with the tools that they need in order to recruit the top talent.
Salesforce says that it created its Salesforce for HR platform due to a shifting culture in which employees of corporations have become exceeding dependent upon HR staff to deliver rapid solutions. Because of these higher expectations, corporate HR departments must be on the cutting edge of technology.
“Companies are creating game-changing customer engagement by reimagining what’s possible through the power of cloud, social, mobile and data science technologies,” says Alex Dayon, president of products, Salesforce.
“With Salesforce, they can bring the same transformation to their own employees. Salesforce for HR will uniquely enable them to connect with their employees like never before,” added Dayon.
Loaded with Features
The new Salesforce for HR app is loaded with features and functionalities for both HR staff and end users. Employees are empowered on the Salesforce for HR platform by being able to collaborate on common tasks. An Employee Journey feature allows HR to work with a newly hired employee in a 1:1 fashion using the cloud. Salesforce for HR streamlines many of the common tasks, saving both time and money for its adopters.
Employee communities are also a part of the software. This allows groups to cultivate within the HR website, giving users the ability to collaborate and even help themselves find answers to commonly asked questions within your organization. An HR Help Desk feature is released within this platform, which allows employees to ask questions that may not be answered using self service methods.
Salesforce allows HR departments to get certain analytics on key metrics, giving HR department intelligence on their environment. Salesforce for HR even allows HR departments to deploy social engagement apps, which help cultivate a sense of community with your HR website. More information can be found onSalesforce’s website.