SalesForce Shield Features "Drag and Drop" Security and Compliance

Image Attribution: Flickr

If you appreciate simplicity, you’ll love the new SalesForce Shield offering. With SalesForce Shield, highly regulated industries can begin their foray into the cloud without having to worry about compliance issues regarding the way their data is handled and stored.
SalesForce, one of the original innovators in cloud, has begun offering “The Shield” in efforts help its clients secure their data and services. With SalesForce’s Shield, developers can begin including features such as data integrity tracking, data encryption, file audit trails, data archiving and event monitoring within all of an organization’s SalesForce apps.
SalesForce notes that some of its clients, especially those within the healthcare field, have already been using features found within the SalesForce Shield. As of now, SalesForce is making these features public in order help ease some of the concerns organizations may have in regards to hosting critical applications that house sensitive data within the cloud.
“While many companies are leveraging the cloud to build apps at the speed of business, those in regulated industries have struggled to take full advantage of the cloud due to regulatory and compliance constraints,” says SalesForce’s Executive Vice President Tod Nielsen.
“With Salesforce Shield, we are liberating these IT leaders and developers, and empowering them to quickly build the cloud apps their businesses need, with the trust Salesforce is known for,” adds Nielsen.
One of the neat things about SalesForce’s Shield product is that organizations no longer have to purchase 3rd party solutions for their apps and data. Since SalesForce’s Shield can be built directly into the apps being hosted on SalesForce, the process of tracking and managing enterprise data becomes that much easier.
In addition, the SalesForce Shield can be extended to software found in the SalesForce1 ecosystem, affording organizations the ability to use all of the apps within the world’s largest business app marketplace without having to worry about regulatory concerns.
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