Samsung Merges With Kaiser Permanente To Provide Advanced Home Based Solution To Cardiac Conditions

According to Peter Koo, who is the Corporate SVP and Head of the Health Service Team, Mobile Communications Business at Samsung Electronics, “This program took a fresh, digital-first approach to cardiac rehabilitation and put control in patients’ hands, it produced higher program completion rates than programs requiring excessive trips to the doctor’s office. He further more went on to say that, “Our legacy in devices enables us to deeply understand users’ needs, and develop best-in-class hardware to address them. We are committed to delivering comprehensive health, wellness and fitness solutions that give users a more personalized and insightful experience. For this initiative, we took a human-centered design approach and began by examining the problem through the lens of our users, and then built a digital solution to fit the needs of our users, bringing together wellness, engineering and user experience minds enabled us to address this problem with a fresh perspective, and produce an innovative, secure and engaging user-centric solution.”

Thus, the newly developed rehabilitation program developed together with Kaiser Permanente; which is a globally known non-profit health organisation, proposes this program in response to the increasing need of better prognosis for patients with cardiac challenges. This solution was proposed based on prior details in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) Catalyst. The program, since its activation has produced more improvement than results gotten with the traditional clinic based programs.

The program is one that reveals the great potentials of new digital developments in the growing healthcare industry. The solution provides patients with tracking devices which helps to track vital components of their health such as their daily heart rate and activities. These information is also made readily available on their dashboard for constant monitoring and to help in planning new exercise regimens fashioned towards their improvement.

These solutions are made available to customers on the Samsung Healthwise Application through the use of optical sensors embedded into Samsung smart watches. Results gotten from this invention has been very encouraging and as such plans are ongoing to expand its use in more regions.