Samsung to Launch Innovative Cloud Service in 2014

Around Q3 of 2014, Samsung plans to unveil “S Cloud” as a means for its smart phone users to storage data within the cloud. Samsung has been promising this service for years but the mobile phone giant has repeatedly pushed back on this project due to technical barriers. Samsung went all in while building their cloud because the consumer electronics maker decided to reach out to some of the premier cloud engineers who have previously worked for companies like Amazon in order to build out the infrastructure properly.
Samsung plans on bundling their cloud storage offering with the new Tizen 3.0 operating system. Samsung representatives have noted that they are excited about the possibilities involved with the new S cloud. Samsung also manufactures more than smart phones. Samsung is the maker of all kinds of consumer electronics and appliances. This means that the Samsung S Cloud can be integrated into televisions, refrigerators and even inside of an automobile.
The Samsung refrigerator is an intriguing addition to the cloud offerings of Samsung because the technology begs several questions. Could users of the S cloud remotely view the contents of their refrigerator on their smart phone while making grocery shopping decisions? How many times have consumers wondered if they have any salad dressing or how much milk they have while they are at the grocery? Samsung’s innovative approach to the cloud could be a glimpse into the future where knowledge and data is just the push of the finger from your Samsung smart phone.
The future offerings from Samsung’s cloud could potentially reshape the way we live and think about our lives. Imagine being able to get to an alert on your Samsung mobile device the moment your Samsung drier is done drying your clothes. Samsung’s new technology and its S cloud infrastructure is one of the more exciting inventions involving cloud computing and these products should start hitting the market in late 2014.