Samsung’s “Artik” to Be New Cloud IoT Platform

Image Attribution: Flickr

Samsung has filed paper work with the United States Patent and Trademark Office securing the rights to use the term “Artik” as a name for their new cloud based platform.
Samsung is likely going to create a service that can be sold to businesses and consumers using the Artik name. Since Samsung is one of the most popular consumer electronics brands in the world, it becomes clear that Samsung would want to build out a platform that compliments its device lineup.
Think about all the of the devices that Samsung creates: while there’s the popular Galaxy S6 line up of mobile phones, Samsung also produces the popular Galaxy Tab S series tablets. Samsung’s innovation hasn’t stopped there as the company has just released a new line up of wearable technology, called Gear S.
These devices could all be used to monitor any of the Samsung devices you own, including appliances, television sets and more. The platform could theoretically be used for mobile to mobile communications, as well as other sophisticated IoT activities.
Some analysts have speculated the Samsung could put sensors in your Samsung refrigerator, that would then report back to the Artik platform, giving you a real time analytical view of your food while you go the grocery store and begin shopping.
Under a scenario like this, Samsung could say that you’d never forget to buy something at the grocery store again, because you could have an app that tells you what you have in your fridge.
Not much else is known about the Artik platform and most of the reporting on the issue tends to be pure speculation. The release of the Artik platform still seems to be in early stages and it is unclear as to when the platform will actually be released. Expectations among those who are loyal to Samsung devices are high.