SanDisk Releases CloudSpeed Ultra Gen II Solid State Drives for Cloud Servers

Image Attribution: Flickr

SanDisk has announced a new addition to its lineup of solid state drives designed for cloud computing workloads. SanDisk’s new CloudSpeed Ultra Gen II solid state hard drives are built for cloud service providers that are looking for an edge when it comes to deploying high speed storage capabilities within public, private and hybrid clouds.
SanDisk’s main selling point on the CloudSpeed Ultra lineup comes down to price. While IOPS are typically priced around $3.50, SanDisk says that their 2nd generation SSD CloudSpeed hard drives gives organizations the ability to purchase IOPS for a little over a 4 cents.
The new CloudSpeed drives gives organizations the ability to use up to 1.6TB per hard drive. SanDisk mentions that these disks were designed for mixed used, latency sensitive workloads. Some experts believe that these drives are ideal for large web applications that are constantly writing and seeking data. The CloudSpeed Ultra 2nd generation solid state drives offer 32,000 4K write IOPS while utilizing a throughput rate of 530MBs per second. SanDisk claims that the new drives lead to a 99.9 percent quality of service.
“As a trusted provider of flash storage solutions, SanDisk understands the critical need for cloud elasticity in order to raise customer service levels,” says John Scaramuzzo, SVP and GM of Enterprise Storage Solutions at SanDisk.
“With CloudSpeed Ultra Gen. II, CSP and SDS companies can provide an exceptional customer experience, while reducing administrative overhead along with the number of servers and software licenses needed to support transaction and analytical databases,” Scaramuzzo adds.
One of the neatest features of the new SanDisk CloudSpeed Ultra SSDs include the ability to detect and correct errors on the drive. This can achieved using SanDisk’s Guardian Technology Platform, which allows organizations to achieve full data path protection and data failure recovery.
In addition, SanDisk also provides a 5 year limited warranty to help organizations feel more secure about their new CloudSpeed SSD purchase.