SAP Study: Businesses Are Failing to Become Cloud Mature

Image Attribution: Flickr

A new study performed by IDC and commissioned by SAP has discovered the reasoning why some cloud migrations fall short of their intended goals.
The overwhelming theme of the CloudView study addressed the fact that many businesses start to implement cloud but never get past the simple, initial steps of implementing such services. The SAP survey concludes that businesses could be missing significant value when implementing cloud services as many enterprises are hesitant to become “Cloud mature.”
“Customers have found that they have managed the first phase of moving into the cloud – they have educated themselves and sourced new capabilities necessary to begin the journey,” says Robert Mahowald, VP of SaaS and Cloud Services at SaaS.
“The stumbling blocks are now at the managed and optimized level, with skill sets required that will allow the organization to focus on strategy versus day-to-day operations in faster time to provision new services, in reduced IT costs and perhaps, most importantly, in the ability to make more revenue,” added Mahowald.
So what exactly does “Cloud mature” mean? Many businesses are implementing cloud as a way to streamline existing infrastructure. This could be viewed as the initial steps of a cloud migration. What some businesses are failing to realize is that cloud can be used a method to gain additional revenue streams. When businesses achieve this, they can be considered cloud mature.
SAP and IDC’s CloudView study says that some businesses have failed to realize that these cloud based revenues verticals exist. The study goes on to say that the best approach to becoming cloud mature involves a mix of external sourcing and internal transformation. This mix allows businesses to stay competitive, cut costs all while providing cutting edge technology to both their end users and customers alike.
For more information on the SAP CloudView Report, you can download the whitepaper from the SAP website