SAPO Embraces AppNexus’ Full-Stack Technology

AppNexus, a Xandr company as well as a leader in advertising technology, and SAPO (Altice Portugal group), a renowned media company in Portugal, just told the rest of the world of their new deal.

The terms of the agreement states that SAPO will adopt AppNexus’ full suite of products that support the transactions selling of digital advertising, which includes the AppNexus Publisher Ad Server, Demand-Side Platform (DSP) and the Supply Side Platform (SSP).

AppNexus’ advertising technology encapsulates all formats (display, video, native), digital channels (desktop, mobile, connected TV), and application purposes (guaranteed and programmatic).

 Its technology platform is particularly open and programmable, that grants customers the enablement to create and innovate right on top of its Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

The relationship with AppNexus will supply SAPO with the infrastructure to build and changes its digital advertising business, an increased time to enter the market with new digital ad products. It will also allow for a more efficient transaction with their partners via a direct way to demand, thereby optimizing SAPO’s revenue.

SAPO is one of the best in terms of prominence of technology providers in Portugal, empowering a couple of the most essential internet features in the country. This partnership is crucial and also strategic for AppNexus in Portugal, a market which is encountering a deep digital transformation of its major publishers.

Remi Boudard, Director Market Development, Iberia from AppNexus talked on how honoured they are that SAPO went through a deep analysis of different market solutions, picked AppNexus as its technology provider. He also talk on how much AppNexus is highly committed to assisting publishers in optimization and the scaling of their business on the open internet.