Satuit Technologies and DocuSign Enhance Safety of Investors

Having previously developed the development of an e- signature platform, which is an innovative method of helping businesses to give their signatures electronically. The platform was a part of the DocuSign Agreement Cloud which provides its services to over 400,000 customers and users worldwide, this platform helps users to fully monitor time usage in a more precise form of minute rather than in days, thereby making cost usage more minimal and also reducing the error rates to its barest minimum using the secure GDPR complaint e- signature software.

The eSignature platform is one that provides clients with a way to sign electronically from any device at any place, at any time. This ensures that customers do not need to leave the portal interface before closing in on any of their operations, neither is there a need to download a physical form of these documents before endorsing them.

According to Satuit’s CEO, Karen Maguire, the major goal of this recent agreement with Satuit Technologies is to provide their clients with a portal products that asides from being cost- effective is also communication friendly, thereby increasing the rate of communication between these clients and their investors.

Satuit Technologies is one of the foremost and leading provider of cloud- based services which provides clients with solutions for asset management, hedge fund and other services such as wealth management. The organizations which has offices in the United Kingdom and also the United States has a customer base in more than thirty- five countries across the world. It is also certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise.