Satuit Technologies And SharpSpring Embark On New Partnership

SharpSpring is a known global leading firm which specializes in providing its clients with a cloud-based marketing tool that is very much important in ensuring that they have a larger base of e-marketing tool integrations. With over three awards for 2019 in the bags, SharpSpring is a name that dominates the cloud- based marketing automation space globally.

As such, this recent partnership with Satuit Technologies help to provide their clients with numerous benefits, some of which are; a single data base of their marketing contacts to assure easy information access, access to specific contacts with marketing messages using the SatuitCRM Saved Views and Filtering. Effective utilization of the SatuitCRM by SharpSpring will also aid client’s team to easily manage all operations of a complex email campaigns, some of which include; creating, sending and tracking.

Sauit Technologies is basically considered as the sole leading technological provider of cloud- based and on- service CRM. The organization has a clients base in over thirty- five countries including the United States and also the United Kingdom, providing innovative solutions in hedge fund, asset management, wealth management and many others.

For as many clients that choose to be a part of the operations that comes with this partnership, i.e. the introduction of SharpSpring in the correct implementation of the SatuitCRM suite tools, there is a definite higher rate of visibility on the market platform.

According to the CEO of the Satuit Technologies, Karen Maguire, “we first learned about SharpSpring from one of our clients and were very impressed with the features of their marketing automation offerings. We are pleased to make SharpSpring part of our fully integrated e-marketing suite.”.