Satya Nadella in Line to Become Next Microsoft CEO

Microsoft is committed to transforming their company from being a traditional software vending solution to a full service cloud provider. If the rumors are correct, Microsoft will underscore their commitment to the cloud by promoting the head of their cloud division to become the 3rd CEO in Microsoft history. Satya Nadella is the cloud king at Microsoft and many reputable publications seem to think that Mr. Nadella is the uncontested front runner for the CEO job.

Nadella’s first task will be to help Microsoft break into the mobile device market. While Windows based mobile devices are steadily gaining popularity, they barely put a dent in the sales of phones shipped with Android and iOS operating systems. If Microsoft can gain market share within this vertical, you could expect to see some neat features that completely tie together the Microsoft cloud offerings.
Nadella is aware of the latest tech trends. He knows that the world of personal computers will become a thing of the past. That is why it is important for Microsoft to evolve with the trends in efforts to keep its status as a tech titan. Microsoft is already working on Windows 9. This operating system is expected to be heavily integrated with the cloud (if you want it to be).
Nadella is expected to carry Microsoft into the future. With Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer watching over his shoulder, Nadella’s work will likely be closely scrutinized by the two largest shareholders of Microsoft stock.  Once Nadella proves himself, Gates and Ballmer will probably not be mentioned as much once Nadella is settled into his new role. While there isn’t a 100% confirmation on Nadella’s new role, it seem that this pick for the top post at Microsoft will likely be filled by one of brightest minds associated with cloud computing today.