ScanBuy Uses Cloud to help Consumers Clip Coupons

Image Attribution: Flickr

Have you ever went to your mailbox, checked your mail and found yourself flooded with coupon offers from local merchants? Over 90% of consumers simply throw that mail away, never bothering to look at the coupon offers inside.
With ScanBuy, consumers get coupons delivered to them using the cloud. By allowing the consumer to redeem the coupon using their mobile device, ScanBuy has created a product that is a win-win for both businesses and consumers alike.
ScanBuy’s mobile coupon solution is called mPromo. With mPromo, businesses such as McDonalds, Heineken, Coca-Cola and more have realized that they can get double digit coupon redemption rates by implementing technology provided by ScanBuy.
Getting double digit redemption rates on coupons is unheard of. Even though electronic coupons have been around for quite sometime, ScanBuy’s unique approach is what helps businesses get the conversion rates they desire. The main features of mPromo include:

  • The ability to create multiple, simultaneous coupons campaigns at once
  • Built-in fraud protection against those trying to duplicate coupons
  • Location integration helps deliver coupons to consumers in the store
  • Coupons can be sent out via an app, on a website or through printed media
  • Businesses can get up to moment updates of when a coupon is redeemed
  • Reporting functionalities that tell you who, what, when and where

“mPromo is a powerful service that disrupts the traditional couponing ecosystem with a practical, cost-effective approach that works for any business or brand,” says Chai Outmezguine, Scanbuy cofounder and CEO.
“Our clients are enjoying double-digit mobile coupon redemption rates time and time again. That’s unheard of—not only for traditional coupons, but also for digital coupons,” added Outmezguine.
ScanBuy’s cloud solutions break down the traditional barriers of selecting a coupon vendor. ScanBuy calls itself a mobile engagement solution, which helps bridge consumers and retailers using coupons.