Scott Guthrie Becomes Microsoft Interim Cloud Chief

Rumors had swarmed for weeks about who would be the person to replace Steve Ballmer and become the next Microsoft CEO. Satya Nadella was speculated as being the favorite for the CEO position. Since he has assumed the CEO spot, experts and bloggers began wondering who would fill the now vacant spot left open by Nadella’s departure. The chief cloud and enterprise position is essential to the future success of Microsoft Azure and Microsoft’s brand as a whole.
As a result of Nadella’s departure, Scott Guthrie has been named the interim cloud & enterprise chief at Microsoft. Guthrie is no stranger to large projects. Before joining the Azure project in 2011, Guthrie was a chief architect of the .Net programming language.  Guthrie has experience and contacts within Microsoft that can help him succeed in his new position. He is determined to make it easier to integrate open source tools into Azure.
Guthrie is known for always wearing a red polo shirt. He’s presented several new Microsoft products therefore industry analysts and experts are familiar with his face. Guthrie is also known for the continuous updates he writes on his blog.
Guthrie’s blog lists several enhancements and additions to the Microsoft Azure platform. From the looks of his blog entries, Guthrie and his team have been hard at work on Azure. Guthrie is well respected in tech circles and he is expected to shed the interim title and become the full fledge lead of Microsoft’s cloud and enterprise divisions. Guthrie’s hard work on the Azure platform had earned him this position although he was not the clear cut favorite for the position. Guthrie has been long heralded as an asset to the cloud community and his vision will be the driving force for the entire Microsoft Azure platform going forward. Due to the shuffle, Microsoft has moved around many of Nadella’s former direct reports so that they now report to Guthrie.