SDL Language Cloud Preview: First AI-Powered, Human-Optimized End-to-End Translation Solution

MAIDENHEAD, a world leader in the  creation of content, translation and delivery, previews SDL Language Cloud today, the foremost end-to-end intelligent translation solution backed up by Hai, the SDL Linguistic AITM technology.

 SDL Language Cloud gives a single, cloud-based solution to help companies in accessing machine intelligence as well as human expertise, for the optimization of their translation process, for greater visibility, control and scalability ranging through their worldwide content supply chain.

With request for content unmatched to an organization’s ability to translate it, content creators, localization departments, as well as professional linguists are all faced with this constant challenge of translating big volumes of content, through several languages and formats, at a quick pace.

The solutions do not specifically address the requirements of every stakeholder in the process, which implies that translation management is usually manual, inefficient and expensive for users.

In a bid to compete globally, present-day organizations must turn all content to all markets continuously but in an effective way.

Delivering high quality translations with a unique in-house linguist model for up to 27 years, SDL also understands every stakeholder’s challenge and the way to sort them out.

By taking advantage of extensive experience assisting the world’s leading brands become global, SDL has made a new end-to-end cloud solution to join everyone across the whole translation process, making it easy for organizations to make multilingual content rapidly and effectively without sacrificing quality.

SDL is exhibiting SDL Language Cloud and its powerful new features at this year’s LocWorld40, happening in Portugal on the 11th to the 13th of June 2019.