Sefati & Co Launches New Product To Aid Access For Their Clients

In recent times, data has graduated to playing a very vital role in a number of digital strategies used by marketer, which also includes the rate of access to this data. This new service as a product tool just released by the Sefati & Co company will help simplify the use of data in a more accessible and visual way.

Known for its leading role in SEO specialization, the Sefati & Co firm has consultants that help in implementing the use of the Google Data Studio to gather vital information from several platforms including Google Analytic and even social media platforms such as Facebook. The accumulated data is then processed by this newly released platform and is represented in a more understandable, visual and digestible format which may include forms such as charts, graphs, and other pictorial representations as such.

This new Saap platform comes with a number of benefits when properly and accurately used. Clients can choose to customize their data presentation in ways that suits them best; the data released can be made to include personalized company brand information such as their logo, color, fonts and the likes of that. This feature allows for easy sharing of data with minimal stress as the reports can be directly sent to high ranking individuals in their companies.

Sharing of these documents also can be done in the simplest way possible such as the way documents are shared in google documents or google sheets. This makes it easy for the data flow to be fully monitored and regulated. The Sefati and Co company did not also forget to include in their announcement that their consultants are fully on standby in cases where help is needed to furnish and interpret some of these information.

Sefati and co firm is a California based firm led by a well-known digital expert known as Al Sefati which has a client base from all round the world. The company is focused on Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization services.