SEI, LLC Acquired By Solugenix

“Over the course of the last two decades SEI has perfected the use of US-based remote workforce to provide high-quality support for demanding business users,” said Shashi Jasthi, CEO of Solugenix. “This forms a perfect complement to Solugenix’s focus on implementing and supporting complex technology solutions for high-value, high-risk business processes. The combined team will have the skills and the scale to take on bigger engagements in what we are already good at: Complex IT applications, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation and Data Science.”

As such Solugenix recently announced that they have fully acquired the SEI, LLC in order to migrate both parties business operations and also integrate their service offerings. It will also entail Solugenix’s technology implementation, support services merger with SEI’s US remote workforce model, thereby creating a force that assures clients of delivery success.

Solugenix is a known leader in the provision of IT and support services which hass over 50 years of experience in this service delivery. With a major focus on innovative technology, the company also places a huge emphasis on a focus of commitment to client success.

“We celebrate an important milestone today as we formally join the Solugenix family and begin to fully integrate our service offerings,” said Antonelli. “Combined under the Solugenix umbrella, we will draw on our decades of experience to push the boundaries of technology innovation and remain focused on delivering outstanding services.”

Christine Antonelli, who was the president at SEI, will take on the role as Vice President, Customer Experience and Support Services. The combined organization will also have its presence in a total of about 12 U.S. states, India and Latin America.

“This acquisition is a true benefit for our combined clients and partners as it expands our capabilities to solve their problems with an even greater efficiency,” added Jasthi.