Semtech Opens LoRaWAN Academy™ Registration for Developers and Enterprises

Semtech Corporation, a leading provider of high performance analog as well as advanced algorithms and mixed signal semiconductors, has announced that the registration of the open LoRaWAN Academy™ is now open for everyone, from the very big enterprises, down to individual developers. The LoRaWAN Academy gives comprehensive and free educational modules for students, developers, engineers, and enterprises to work on Internet of Things (IoT) applications using LoRa®-based technologies.

 “Developers are the most important part of any modern technology platform, and the LoRaWAN Academy is there to help them get up to speed on one of the fastest growing IoT-enabling technologies out there today, Semtech’s LoRa devices and wireless radio frequency technology (LoRa Technology). The LoRaWAN Academy will enable developers to get their LoRa-based solutions to market faster as well as simplify development,” retorted the Senior Director of the Developer Ecosystem, Steven

”We are working with the LoRaWAN®-based ecosystem to develop and drive material that is beneficial to the community. Providing completely free modules focused on building LoRa-based applications gives students, engineers, developers, and enterprises the jump-start they need to build robust, innovative IoT applications.” He said.

When the LoRaWAN Academy was first launched in late 2017, their target was universities. Since that time, various universities from all over the world have effected LoRaWAN Academy curriculum, to prepare students for the IoT job market. They tried to achieve this by training their students on developing LoRa-based solutions and the open LoRaWAN™ protocol.

The program is now set to be made available to whoever is interested in building LoRa-based applications. The LoRaWAN Academy also has 10 modules of self-paced online classes that has video lectures, supplemental reading materials and hands-on assignments included in it. In the words of the Head, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering of Kumaraguru College of Technology (KCT), Dr. S.A. Pasupathy, “LoRa Technology is a leading technology and recognized as the de facto platform for developing IoT applications. With the LoRaWAN Academy available for anyone and free, this is a great opportunity for participants to learn and realize the return of investment of LoRa as well as having ability to accelerate their applications to the market and their career growth.”