Senate: Smart Crowdsourced Security Testing Places American Security as First

Synack, the most highly trusted Crowdsourced Security Platform, has commended the work of the United States Senate, which has placed the security of American citizens first and over everything, by the singular act of passing the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2020 (NDAA) and mobilizing all national security agencies of the United States to make use of more effective and efficient security testing via crowdsourced security platforms.

The Senate’s final decision to announce crowdsourced security testing as a best practice clearly resounds the recommendations laid out by the 2018 National Cyber Strategy and DoD Cyber Strategy.

The NDAA’s recommendation to expand the utilization of third party crowdsourced security platforms, classified as not merely a crowd of security researchers but also technology, does not come to a halt with the Department of Defense. The Senate also passed the Intelligence Authorization Act on Thursday; an Act including a planning requirement to effect third party crowdsourced security testing for every agency and department of the United States in the book.

The worth of crowdsourced security is not restricted to only the federal government. The model has already been set as the standard for comprehensive security testing at scale through all the main industry verticals, such as the Aerospace and Defense industry who make use of the innovative model to take care of the national security supply chain.

In accordance with the 2019 Trust Report, organizations making use of crowdsourced security for up to two years and above are about 200% more secure than those that make use of traditional testing methods.

 Synack’s work in crowdsourced security has resulted up to 15x growth in government agency adoption and a potential $830M savings for US taxpayers.