SensibleVision Protocol Removes Racial Bias and Ensures Safety of People, Animals and Food Production

Yesterday, the 6th of March 2018, SensibleVision revealed its partnership with NoveTechnologies, an agricultural technology company. The partnership between this world renowned developer of biometric technologies and the agricultural technology company is to provide another great tech solution—PROTOCOL, a proactive 3D biometric solution that allows for face recognition, all in a bid to control access to very big facilities for commercial agriculture.

Why users may begin to wonder what makes this face recognition technology different from others, it is rather refreshing to know that Protocol does not use skin tone as a factor in recognition. Hence, unlike most of the already existing facial recognition tools, Protocol does not discriminate based on race or ethnicity.

More precisely, Protocol is designed to shield poultry and swine barns by controlling who gains access into the facility to improve and guarantee the safety and wellbeing of people, animals and the overall production of food.

In the past, to let an individual into an agricultural facility, all that was relied upon was trust and paper trails. However, with the introduction of Protocol, a third-party will now exist for the verification and validation of people coming in and going out of the facilities. This lowers the risk of any impending harm and increases the confidence of customers, as they are sure that the food they purchase is safe enough for consumption.

In the words of the founder of NoveTechnologies, Anthony Novero, “This is all about food safety. Previous face recognition solutions that we have tried were inconsistent and did not deliver a viable security option. Working with SensibleVision allows us to put teeth into real-time tracking. With near-instantaneous 3D face recognition in any lighting conditions, it helps us prevent employees who might be carrying disease from facility to facility from potentially infecting a large group of animals. And because the solution is ‘race blind’, we’re able to be fair and equitable to all of our employees, regardless of their skin tone.”