ServiceNow to Deliver Automation Within Legal, Finance and Marketing Depts

ServiceNow has become one of the most popular help desk automation suites in the world. By delivering this intuitive help desk application in the cloud, organizations all over the world can be able to gain deep insight and analytics on the way their IT services perform. Executives at ServiceNow began to ask the question, “How can we scale this platform out to other teams within the enterprise?”
The answer wasn’t as cut and dry as ServiceNow’s help desk application. After conducting research, ServiceNow found that service requests for legal, finance and marketing departments must be customized to the individual enterprise. Frameworks such as ITIL give ServiceNow a set of recommended practices for the IT industry. It is unclear if frameworks for other industries exist.
ServiceNow’s solution is to let enterprises build their ServiceNow suites for these departments using templates found inside of the ServiceNow cloud. ServiceNow mentions that these templates were released to its customers on March 3rd. ServiceNow claims that the templates are completely customizable. ServiceNow also says that the templates can be tailored to the specific department that they will serve.
For example, within the legal, finance and marketing ServiceNow portals, users could select ServiceNow features common to that specific departments tasks. By providing users with a self-service catalog, organizations can be empowered to automate tasks while providing details to commonly asked questions by those seeking service and support from interoffice departments.
Dave Stephens from ServiceNow says, “Once you move service management out of email and spreadsheets, you can build a service knowledge base.” This service knowledgebase can then be leveraged for training, issue remediation or even automation within the enterprise. ServiceNow tracks popular requests and evaluates all of the actions used to remediate that specific request.
Administrators can evaluate tickets and responses and use that data to create an automated process that could resolve an issue before it appears on an end user’s radar. ServiceNow says that their service starts at $100 per user per month. It is reported that ServiceNow uses 16 datacenters located all around the globe to deliver its enterprise automation SaaS package.