Shareable Ink Received $7.7M in Latest Round of Funding

Shareable Ink is a firm that sells software for iPads which allows hospital administrators, nurses and physicians to generate clinical documentation on the fly. This process creates an effortless transition to moving data into the cloud which will provide hospitals and physician’s real time data in regards to a specific patient as soon as data is inputted using Shareable Ink’s iPad app. One VC firm that helped provide the latest rounds of funding for the Nashville, TN based Shareable Ink is Lemhi Ventures. Shareable Ink has generated nearly $22M in venture capital since its founding in 2009.

In an interview provided to the Tennessean, Shareable Ink’s CEO Laurie McGraw was quoted as saying, “Everyone is very aware in the industry of how difficult it is for clinicians to use technology, not because they don’t like it but because it slows them down.” When McGraw was asked about the main objective of Shareable Ink’s product line, she replied, “What we are really trying to do with our product is allow for easy-to-use features that for clinic documentation, the doctors and clinicians love to use.” Shareable Ink uses the cloud to store data thus making the data inputted into the Shareable Inks software available as soon as the person inputting the data is finished altering the record.
Getting doctors to adopt technology is difficult because incorporating technology tends to add additional steps into their already cemented practices. Shareable Ink feels like it has solved this problem and its investors also tend to the feel the same. Shareable Ink also made headlines by adding health care entrepreneur Glen Tullman to its board, thus giving the company additional direction on an executive level. Shareable Ink now employs 60 people in its Nashville headquarters and the company looks to use its recent investment from Lemhi to expand its research and development, expand sales and conduct market research.