Shinra Releases SDK for Cloud Gaming

Image Attribution: Flickr


The Cloud Community Development Kit (CCDK) has been released on GitHub by Shinra Technologies. If you’ve played gaming titles such as Final Fantasy, Shinra Technologies may be familiar to you. Shinra is an offshoot of Square Enix, the creators of the popular Final Fantasy lineup of games.
With the CCDK, developers who have been wanting to build a game for the cloud are now empowered to do so. Independent game creators now have a platform that they can develop upon and Shinra has provided significant documentation for developers who adopt the Cloud Community Development Kit. contains a wealth of information that will help developers get started.
There are three types of games that an indie developer can begin building today. Shinra says that developers can build single player games, virtual MMOs and supercomputer multiplayer games. When developers are ready to publish or play their game, they can do so using Shinra’s upcoming cloud gaming service.
In the past, CloudWedge has written significantly about Square Enix and Shinra Technologies. In late 2014, we told you about Square Enix’s plans to start Shinra and dive headfirst into the cloud gaming arena. By releasing a full fledged development kit for cloud games, Shinra may be assembling the last piece of the puzzle at it gets ready to push its cloud based gaming service.
“We are excited to make the CCDK available today on GitHub, where it can be downloaded for free by anyone. As a ‘living’ development kit, its documents and programs will be adapted and improved by both Shinra Technologies and the wider community over time. We are planning workshops and demonstrations of the CCDK for developers and academics in the Greater New York area, which will be announced over the course of the next month,” says a blog post on Shinra’s website.
The repository for the CCDK can be found at this GitHub page.