Sierra Wireless Simplifies IoT with New Acceleration Platform

Image Attribution: Flickr

Sierra Wireless is one of fastest growing telecommunications hardware companies in the world. Sierra Wireless has just introduced an IoT hardware device that has an acceleration platform built into the device. By using the combination cloud and IoT, organizations can achieve a worldwide deployment of IoT sensors quickly and easily using the new acceleration platform. What makes Sierra Wireless so special is that it combines third party vendors technology into an all in one, easy to use platform.
One of the big advantages of the new Sierra Wireless IoT Acceleration platform is that the devices are able to directly connect to Google Cloud Platform and take advantage of BigQuery. In practice, by being able to automatically report data back to the GCF, administrators of the new Sierra Wireless IoT platform can gain access to instant analytics about the data their devices have recorded.
“Reducing the complexity in building and deploying IoT connectivity solutions is critical for our customers in getting their products and services to market quickly, and delivering real value to their organizations,” said Emmanuel Walckenaer, Sierra Wireless’ SVP of Cloud and Connectivity Services.
“Our fully integrated IoT Acceleration Platform is designed to empower customer innovation and get IoT solutions to market faster with the ability to scale and grow quickly,” adds Walckenaer.
Sierra Wireless’s new IoT Acceleration Platform gives businesses an out of the box, end to end solution for their next IoT Deployment. With AirVantage, organizations can deploy IoT sensors in different regions, thus allowing organizations the ability to capture the data they need for their organization.
Sierra Wireless will be showing off their new IoT acceleration platform at a trade show in Las Vegas called CTIA Super Mobility Week. This event lasts from September 9th to September 11th. Sierra Wireless has its own stand (#5632) and you can stop by and check out the new IoT innovations for yourself if you are lucky enough to be in Las Vegas during the event.