Signal AI Unveils Next-Gen AI Tech

Provider of business artificial intelligence services Signal AI unveiled the newest iteration of its AI engine. The system, called AIQ, will revolutionize their market intelligence and media monitoring platform. AIQ works alongside the existing AI system to help Signal’s clients in using their system to deal with public relations. As it stands, the industry is heavily burdened by an overdependence on legacy technologies. Signal AI hopes to bring PR into the twenty-first century by offering services that incorporate AI to make the lives of companies that much easier. The introduction of AIQ is a testament to the pioneering efforts of Signal AI to push the envelope when it comes to business-oriented AI solutions.

Keeping Ahead of the News

In PR, knowing what’s happening right now is crucial to understanding a situation and formulating a response. The information about current events may not always correspond to the data that the company needs to know, however. Signal AI’s AIQ is powering a new system the company is testing called “Briefings.” In this procedure, AIQ collects and ranks the latest news within an industry based on high-volume news scenarios. It then automatically generates an email briefing that can be distributed throughout the company to ensure that everyone knows what’s going on.

Automatic Monitoring and Using Ai Efficiently

At its heart, Signal AI has dedicated itself to the development of Ai solutions that the PR industry can use to automate everyday tasks, such as media monitoring. By leveraging AI to provide a basis for context, Signal’s system can separate the important news from the noise that surrounds it. The industry has traditionally found it challenging to track the impact of PR on a company’s image. Still, the AIQ engine provides hope that businesses might be able to do just that soon enough. Signal AI intends to offer its clients a window to the world that helps them understand their company’s position and the world’s opinion of it. AIQ’s introduction enables those companies to be more effective in their communication and more efficient when dealing with company PR issues.