Silent Circle Provides Smartphone Security Using Cloud

Image Attribution: Flickr

When your business needs to ensure the confidentiality of VoIP services being used on an employees mobile device, how can your business audit, encrypt and secure these types of telecommunications?
Silent Circle has released an enterprise edition to complement its popular smartphone privacy app, Silent Phone. Silent Circle allows administrators the ability to manage, deploy and audit users access through a portal called Silent Manager.
Within Silent Manager, businesses can customize their smartphone app deployment environment and create user accounts for employees who may be required to use the Silent Phone app for their day to day work.
Governments, privacy focused businesses and others are expected to gain productivity from having an enterprise edition of this smartphone app. Silent Circle has released an Android and iOS app, giving the Silent Phone compatibility on over 90% of the phones in the market today.
Silent Circle mentions that their enterprise edition is suitable for businesses of all sizes. In fact, Silent Phone gives users the ability to perform peer to peer encrypted calling, video and text. End users of Silent Phone can securely transfer files to one another using Silent Circle’s secured cloud platform.
“Building on the momentum of our Blackphone 2 launch, I’m proud to unleash all the work we have done on rebuilding our software and cloud-based Enterprise Privacy Platform,” says Bill Conner, CEO of Silent Circle.
“Our platform delivers unprecedented secure communications with the enterprise management controls necessary for auditing and general oversight.” Conner continued: “Now governments and global enterprises have a new choice in secure communications that didn’t exist before, across any Android or iOS device,” adds Conner.
There are two tiers available for Silent Circle clients. The basic plan costs customers $5 per year and it simply encrypts both voice and data communications. The Silent Phone Plus plan costs $9.95 per user, per month and it gives enterprises the ability to do conference calling, voice mail, attachments as well as a customer support hotline, should you have any questions about your service.