SIMmersion Innovates Virtual Training Exercises Using Cloud

Image Attribution: Flickr

SIMmersion is a website that helps people sharpen their conversation skills by delivering training packages that prepare a person for a real world scenario by first allowing them to rehearse with the conversation using simulated role-playing scenarios. SIMmersion facilitates these training courses by implementing non-branching logic and hours of streaming video.
SIMmersion has just announced that they have moved their app into the AWS cloud. SIMmersion’s growing platform needed a home in the cloud and SIMmersion mentions that it chose AWS due to its ability to scale rapidly. Availability and infrastructure performance also played a determining factor in the choice of AWS. SIMmersion mentions that by moving to AWS, it has been able to take full advantage of Simple Storage Services and Cloudfront.
Peter Roca from SIMmersion mentions, “Amazon Web Services’ offerings are ideal for our needs; Together, they put us in a perfect position to handle the growth we’ve been seeing so far in 2015 and are anticipating for the future.”
SIMmersion seems have created a tool that many end users are finding helpful. Are you a first time manager that has to have an uncomfortable conversation with one of your employees? SIMmersion has a course for that. Let’s say you have to talk to an employee about excessive tardiness. How do you approach that? With SIMmersion, managers, employees and those who are trying to sharpen their interview skills can practice the conversation and get training on a number of different topics.
SIMmersion mentions that with AWS, the company is able to better serve its members by delivering services to them from a cloud datacenter located near the end user. In the past, SIMmersion’s servers were hosted on the East Coast in a colocated datacenter. By moving its website into the cloud, SIMmersion believes that it can reduce load times, lower ping times and decrease its page load time while ensuring maximum availability for its users.