Simplify Healthcare Announces eACASync, Industry’s Very First Automated Solution Take care of the Needs of Qualified Health Plans (QHP)

Simplify Healthcare, a rapidly growing healthcare technology solutions company supplying end-to-end solutions for Health Plans, revealed the launch of their industry’s first business-rules driven solution today, eACASync, which is specially created to automate and manage the end-to-end needs of ACA compliant Qualified Health Plans (QHP).

Simplify Healthcare is a technology solutions company which is fast growing and widely known for addressing the toughest challenges the Health Plans is currently facing, in the competitive marketplace of today.

eACASync ensures easy management of any specific benefit requirements of Qualified Health Plans (QHPs). Having pre-configured Summary of Benefits Coverage (SBCs) as well as Summary of Benefits (SOBs), Health Plans have the ability to automatically configure their plans in as fast as in three months. eACASync’s has a robust platform which provides unique functionality and document generation capability.

In addition to this, Simplify Healthcare will manage the keeping eACASync and your QHPs up-to-date with CMS mandated changes, so users don’t have to.

Many of the Health Plans which meet the affordable care requirements for health coverage currently rely on outdated manual processes including documents, spreadsheets,  and email in the configuration of their plans. Simplify Healthcare’s eACASync allows Health Plans to streamline QHP benefit requirements with intelligent decision support for product development and document generation to increase overall operational efficiencies, even up to as much as 75%.

Mohammed Vaid, CEO/Chief Architect, Simplify Healthcare said that as they experience growth as an organization, they believe that it’s their responsibility to create robust solutions that will not only assist Health Plans in improving their workflows, but also empower them to form a single source of truth for various requirements of businesses, with the capacity to configure the system with very little IT intervention. He expressed his delight and excitement concerning the launch of eACASync™ and he expressed his appreciation to all their partners, customers, the entire Simplify Healthcare team, for the support and trust they have given.

eACASync can be effected in the space of three months, to automate the ACA book of business.