SingleHop Debuts Shield Plus Premium Security Package

Image Attribution: Flickr

SingleHop is a Chicago based hybrid cloud provider that specializes in working with small to medium sized enterprises. SingleHop has made headlines with its new cloud security offering designed to give its customers more confidence in the security of their workloads being hosted in the cloud.
Earlier this week, SingleHop announced that it has reorganized its security offerings into a package called Shield Core. Today, Shield Plus, an add-on for Shield Core, has been announced giving organizations even more security and control over their cloud based workloads.
Jordan Jacobs, VP of Products is quoted as saying, “Security has always been a big deal in our hosting company. We do a lot of compliance. But it’s always been kind of hard to explain to customers what we do because there’s all these different things.”
The Shield Core product line up does not introduce any new technologies; it is just a rebranding of offerings that SingleHop already provides. Shield Plus, however, is a new product that was allegedly brewed in-house by SingleHop’s development team. Shield Plus is available for $30 per month per server, and it gives organizations a way to deflect DDoS attacks against their cloud. Shield Plus also gives administrators the ability to automatically patch operating systems and granularly manage endpoints settings. Shield Plus hardens many of the security layers of your operating system using best practices.
Jacobs added, “DDoS is becoming so prevalent, we really need to make sure we’re protecting customers. Everything we do we wrap around security.” Jacobs goes on to say that SingleHop’s Shield Plus solution gives organizations another option that they may not have previously had. Many organizations must weigh the pros and cons of hiring security contractors or buying data center security appliance. SingleHop’s Shield Plus gives organizations an additional option that can be implemented directly from SingleHop’s IaaS platform.