Skyhigh Networks CEO Makes Bold Cloud Predictions for 2016

It’s almost the New Year and while many of you are beginning to prepare for the beginning of 2016, Skyhigh Networks CEO Rajiv Gupta has published a list a cloud security predictions that businesses of all sizes should read.
We have written extensively about Skyhigh Networks and their analysis on cloud trends before. In fact, when it comes to cloud security, Skyhigh Networks is one of the premier vendors operating in this space.
Gupta recently provided an candid details about what to expect in 2016. Here are a few highlights from his commentary:
OneDrive Will Become the #1 File Sharing App
As businesses begin shifting to the Office 365 model, expect OneDrive to surge as a means of storing, sharing and accessing data in the cloud.
Currently, OneDrive is 4th in terms of total data stored on their cloud servers. Businesses of all sizes have trusted Microsoft to store their data and Microsoft has lived up to their end of the bargain by investing over 1 billion in cloud security research and development.
Cloud Security Insurance Premiums will Double
Earlier in 2015, we told you about the emergence of insurance policies custom tailored for businesses who operate in the cloud. These policies would pay out just like an any other type of insurance policy. Should a cloud security breach occur, victims would receive a payment to help mitigate the damages.
“Companies will balk at prices and may need to agree to unfavorable terms in order to afford coverage: Anthem had to commit $25 million towards any future costs to secure $100 million in coverage,” says a report detailing Gupta’s claims.
“Many insurers max out coverage at $75 or $100 million – well below the cost of a catastrophic breach, which can reach a quarter of a billion dollars,” the report added.
End Users are the Biggest Threat to Cloud Security
Regardless if your end users intentionally put your network at risk or not, Skyhigh Networks says that over 90% of cloud security incidents can be attributed to those inside of your company.
Since end users constitute a large part of the cloud security attack surface, educating and training your users on the basics of cloud security will be of the utmost importance to organizations in 2016.