SkyKick Helps Ingram Micro Migrate to Office 365

Ingram Micro have guided yet another step towards Microsoft Office 365 with the help of migration application SkyKick. Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace will now give partners the option of SkyKick’s Office 365 migration suite. This Suite consists of three products that are specially designed in order to help computer specialists, system integrator’s and VAR’s to quickly, painlessly, and securely migrate to Office 365.

Todd Schwartz, COO of SkyKick said, “There have been data migration tools for the past 15 years. However, the problem was not the data; it was the project around it — from the upfront sales cycle all the way to setting up desktops to work with Office 365… We created the migration suite to automate those tasks from all around it, essentially creating a virtual IT person to help [resellers] build a more scalable cloud practice.”

It has taken SkyKick two and a half years to build up the migration suite product but it seems it was well worth the wait. They believe what their migration suite can reduce the time for a migration to Office 365 for a 25-person small business to an average of about 32 hours.

Renee Bergeron, the Vice President of Managed Services and Cloud Computing at Ingram Micro said “Migrating a customer from hosted or on-premise to cloud-based solutions can be a major undertaking for channel partners because it requires a lot of time, expertise and energy…SkyKick’s Migration Suite helps channel partners simplify the entire process and profitably move their customers’ email, calendars and more to the cloud. We’re pleased to offer SkyKick as part of the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace.”

 California basted Instagram Micro, are an electronic company and B2B technology distributor. They were founded in the late 70’s and they handle 44 million orders, 70 million cartons and 400 million units per year.