Skytap Launches Public Cloud Offering Opportunities for Businesses

Skytap is a leading global cloud service that recently announced integration with the IBM i OS, launching across regions throughout the United States and the United Kingdom. Businesses can purchase access in multiple increments, including yearly, monthly, and even hourly access.

This new update from Skytap expands support for IBM-powered applications. This support will now give businesses the opportunity to develop, test, and run IBM-based applications to improve cloud infrastructures and transform business models.

Thor Culverhouse, CEO of Skytap, recently stated, “We are excited to bring IBM I on Skytap Cloud to the market. We recognize the opportunity for Power and heard from customers that this critical component will help them better tap the benefits of multiple clouds.”

Skytap also offers a wide range of IBM support, including management and migration from current cloud infrastructures. One of the integrated support features is IBM’s Mass Data Migration Service. The service is available to business customers around the world, allowing mass upload of data onto the Skytap platform.

Skytap is also offering support for additional high-value services, such as IBM Cloud Storage Solutions that provide backup management, ARCAD software services, and so much more. A recent survey revealed that more than 50% of respondents’ applications run on IBM i. The integration of enhanced cloud solutions in the United States and the United Kingdom has set up Skytap for further expansion across Asia throughout the rest of the year.

The next hub location is planned for Singapore, with additional expansion near the end of 2019. These recent updated will make it easier than ever for businesses to build new applications on the Skytap cloud platform using the IBM i operating system. These updates also improve access for Linux-based platforms to build and develop hybrid applications.