SkyTouch: Cloud Software For Hotels

Discussing cloud storage options for business users generally makes people think of large financial corporations. However, Maryland based hotel chain Choice Hotels International announced on Sunday the use of a new advanced cloud platform called SkyTouch Hotel OS.

SkyTouch Hotel OS has been developed by SkyTouch Technologies, a byproduct of Choice Hotels International. Until now, Choice Hotels International was using an in house property management system developed over a decade ago. This system was installed in over 5,500 of their hotels worldwide. They decided to launch SkyTouch Technologies several months ago as they realized a growing demand in the hotel sector for cloud storage options.
Choice alone operates over 6,000 hotels worldwide. The need for a more cost and time efficient platform was a top priority. Now with SkyTouch Technologies running as a separate entity, they have the time to perfect the unique storage system Choice and other hotel chains will need. More importantly, SkyTouch Technologies already has a leg up on any potential future competition, because of Choice as a built in customer and the financial resources they can provide for research and development. Ric Leutwyler, SkyTouch president, said, “We have 5,500 built-in customers and a multimillion-dollar revenue stream. It’s the most intuitive, proven cloud-based solution.”
Hotels spend a great deal of time sifting through daily reports regarding check ins/outs, revenue, inventory, occupancy, and rates. Many other metrics are involved as well. This new cloud based software will make hotel managers and employees more efficient, and will allow them to focus their efforts on other crucial aspects of the job. Furthermore, SkyTouch Hotel OS will be priced competitively, which will allow them easier access into this massive market. Current basic pricing puts them at $5 per room per night whereas competition is almost double that.
SkyTouch is based in Phoenix, Arizona with over 130 employees.