SkyWater Makes Brad Ferguson its Chief Technology Officer

The most reliable partner for the future’s most advanced technology solutions, SkyWater Technology Foundry, just revealed today, that Dr. Brad Ferguson has been made the  Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of SkyWater.

In this new jurisdiction, he will concentrate on developing the company’s technology roadmap and IP strategy in better ways. He would do this by recognizing high growth markets for SkyWater’s Technology Foundry business and as well continue to lead SkyWater’s efforts in government relations effort.

Just recently, Dr. Ferguson worked as the Senior Director of Sales for SkyWater. He was responsible for government relations strategy as well as sales in the custom foundry line of business at SkyWater. He began his career at Cypress Semiconductor, in photolithography process development. In the year 2008, he developed the Cypress Foundry Solutions business to supply differentiated technology to high-tech innovators. This has increased to be almost 40% of SkyWater’s revenue. Dr. Ferguson was also the major driver of the accreditation process to achieve Trusted Foundry status from DMEA. This was a major landmark for the company’s entry into the aerospace and defense market, a very pillar of SkyWater’s market strategy.

Dana Nazarian, Executive Vice President, Operations & Technology, Cypress Semiconductor and member of SkyWater’s Board of Directors expressed pleasure at the turn out of events; mentioning how Brad created the custom foundry line of business at Cypress, just before the spin-off of SkyWater. It helped shape it for a reasonable number of years into a growth engine for the company.

Dr. Brad Ferguson himself also expressed how pleased he was that the custom foundry business had grown over the past 11 years. He talked about how excited he was to also take on his leadership position, within the organization.  

He noted that this is one period where the tech landscape is becoming increasingly diverse and the rate of disruptive innovation is accelerating. He said he looked forward to leading the technology as well as the IP roadmaps of the company for continual development of offerings innovators require to bring their ideas to market for the next wave of hybrid technologies.