Smart Contact Lenses Revealed by Startup Company Mojo

After over 10 years of experimenting in the shadows, The Mojo Vision contact lens has been unveiled.

Mojo is a startup company that has been focusing their energy on invisible computing techniques that will allow users to use their contact lenses like a smartphone. The goal is to have the lenses be able to show you the menu and options when you want them and hide them when you don’t.

Operating them would require focusing on the icon to execute the action and looking away would terminate it. It works like a virtual teleprompter display in the retina that projects the icons floating in the field of vision.

Not only would these lenses be functional with smart options, but the user would also be fitted for their prescription strength as well. The goal is for these lenses to help those with poor vision with assistance in mobility and reading functions.

As of right now, the lenses are linked to a box that can clip on your belt, but they are hoping to innovate it to be compatible with smartphones in the future. The challenge they have faced is getting all of the necessary circuitry and hardware to fit into the lenses themselves. As of right now Mojo has raised $100 million and is working with top executives and ophthalmologists.

The FDA has given Mojo the authorization to start testing on people who have visual impairments as a medical device. These trials will take place in Palo Alta at the Vista Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired. The focus will be on those who suffer from retinitis pigmentosa and macular degeneration for the present time.

At this time there has been no release date for commercial use, but that is the ultimate goal that Mojo hopes to accomplish.

With the help of Mojo and their contact lenses, there may be an alternative to those who have been suffering from limited sight. Those who have been missing the world around them may have the opportunity to see what is really out there.