SmartMetric Introduces New Component to Use Credit Card

SmartMetric, USA based company with sales and marketing partnerships in Latin America, Europe the United Stated, Engineering of the biometric card electronics is done in-house and is the owned intellectual property of the company.

The company recently launched an amazing feature which enables electronic miniaturization to have a self powered fully developed fingerprint reader inside each credit card. This development is one which became possible after several years committed to various researches on this.

“What SmartMetric has achieved in the electronics field has in fact turned the humble and ubiquitous credit card into a powerful electronic device,” said today SmartMetric’s President and CEO, Chaya Hendrick.

The mode through which this works is by embedding the card owner’s fingerprint in their credit card through a process similar to that which the mobile phone uses finger prints. When the card user receives their card from their Bank, they simply touch the square sensor on the card’s surface four times and thereafter the user’s fingerprint is permanently stored inside the card. From now on the card will only work in conjunction with the card holder touching the card’s little square sensor on the top of the card.

 “SmartMetric is currently working on expanding the card’s internal memory from Megabytes to Gigabytes allowing for exciting new multi-functional applications for the new intelligent credit card device that we have created,” said Chaya Hendrick

According to industry data there are now more than 7 Billion chip-based credit and debit cards issued globally. SmartMetric has incorporated the ADVANTIS payments chip and operating system into its Biometric Card. This allows ADVANTIS to now offer arguably the best and most advanced biometric credit and debit card solution to it’s more than 500 Banking organizations around the world.